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Presidents Welcome

It is my honor to announce that ISCE will host the FIDIC-ASPAC 2015 conference in Tehran.
I invite all Consulting engineers, contractors, client organizations, developers and other related industries to participate in this conference,

The conference will host a vast participation from international companies and organizations active in engineering and development fields, along with international bodies and local government officials and highest levels, and thus is a perfect opportunity for participants to both understand the latest trends in the industry and to get in contact with most influential parties.

We are honored by the participation of FIDIC's president, vice president and general manager and high level officials from UN, ADB and IsDB along with hundreds of senior managers from local and international companies, making it the highest level of engineering conference in decades.
I hope that you will add to the success of this conference by participating in it.

Best regards,
Hormozd Ramineh
President of ISCE