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About ISCE

Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers (ISCE) is the member association of FIDIC in Iran. It has almost 800 member companies covering all different aspects of consulting engineering principals. ISCE is the main representative of engineering society in Iran and has extensive ties with other professional NGOs and government bodies.


ISCE is a promoter for business integrity and sustainable development and a member of national councils on this subject.

In January 2014, ISCE proudly celebrated its 40th anniversary where more than 1500 guests, including ministers, presidential deputies and high ranking officials participated in this highly impressive event.

ISCE headquarter is located in northern Tehran. There’s a main Hall that can host more than 250 participants and several meeting rooms for side-conference meetings and parallel presentations that can host between 20 to 40 participants. The 4 storey building also includes a lobby and a hall that can be used for coffee breaks and lunch breaks.

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