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FIDIC-ASPAC Conference 2015, TEHRAN

Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers (ISCE) is proud to host the FIDIC-ASPAC 2015 conference in the great city of Tehran.

The conference will be a perfect networking opportunity to meet all the major players in the ambitious development program of Iran as an emerging market of the Middle East: Ranging from government agencies, financing bodies and main clients to contractors and consulting engineers who’ll be your possible partners in projects, the FIDIC-ASPAC 2015 conference will be a place to be.

The main conference theme is “Sustainable Approaches in Emerging Markets” which should be an interesting subject to all of us. Accordingly, not only are the participants able to join some specific panel discussions but also they might contribute in speeches and presentations. All articles, lectures and presentations are around the following topics:

1- Emerging Markets Economic Outlook in ASPAC Region
2- Sustainable procurement in Emerging Markets
3- Green Integrity or how Sustainability and Integrity form the future of CE industry
4- Quality of human resources in Emerging Markets
5- ASPAC YPF Session