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Kamran Emami

Name: Kamran Emami
Born in 1962
Profession: Dam Engineer

BS in Civil Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran (1989).
M.S. in Hydraulic Structures, Shiraz University, Iran (1992).
PhD in Water Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Iran (1997).

Professional Experiences:
23 years in:
Dam Engineering
Flood Management
Value Engineering
Historical Hydraulic Structures 

Conducting 21 researches on water engineering and flood management
9 books
106 technical papers 

Cultural Experiences:
Writing Screenplays for 5 documentaries
Producing 6 documentaries

Current Position:
Managing Director, Kurit Kara Engineers
Chairman and Iran representative in Working group on Comprehensive approaches to flood management in ICID (International Committee on irrigation and drainage)
Chairman and Iran representative in Working group on history of irrigation and drainage and flood control in ICID (International Committee on irrigation and drainage)
Convener of TF-VE (Task Force on Value Engineering) in ICID
Member of the managing board of Society of Iranian Value Engineers (SIVE)(2004-2011) 

Books and Manuals:
1. The non-structural approach to flood management (2000)
2. Value Engineering Programs (2004)
3. Flood Forecasting and warning systems (2005)
4. Value Engineering Change Proposal (2006)
5. Value Engineering and the great challenges of the 21st century (2008)
6. Manual on Design of  Flood Forecasting and warning systems (2010)
7. Value Engineering, team synergy and creativity (2012)
8. FAST Creativity and Innovation (2012)
9. The Criteria on Selection of  Design Floods for Large dams in Iran (2014)
10. Historical Water Sustainability (…..)
11. Adaptive Flood Management (….)