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Reza Ansari

Since 1981 Mr. Ansari has been working for the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. His previous jobs at the Iranian Central Bank are as follows:

- accountant, the Rial Transactions Department (1981-1986)
- secretary  , the office of  Vice Governor (1986-1988)
- letter of credit specialist , Foreign Exchange Operations Department in following sections(1988-1993)
- export/import documantry letter of credit sections
- letter of guarantees section
- documantary collection section 
- having moved to International Department in 1993, I have worked in following positions:
- Dealer in dealing room
- Head of Banking Correspondant section
- Senior officer 
- Compliance officer
- Head of Multilateral Transactions and Special Accounts section
- Head of Joint Commission section
- Assistant Director
- Director – Export Affaires Department  Agust 2010
- Director General for International as of Sept 2012 till 20.01.2015
- Director General – for International Affairs, EN Bank from 24.01.2015

He has also done numerous missions as the representative of the Central Bank of I. R. Iran during the passed years to following countries: 
Algeria, Afghanistan, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Buthan,  Ecuador, France, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Saltunate of Oman, Sudan, Syria, Switzeralan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkemistan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Ukrain, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.